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Gosuncn Solves the Big Data Problem with Internet of Things Technology
Gosuncn March 31,2018

On March 31st, the “2018 China Security Big Data Development Summit Forum and Security Industry Awards Ceremony”was held in Guiyang. General Secretary Zhang Zhongxiao of China Security and Protection Products Industry Association, leaders of relevant departments of public security bureaus and public security bureaus of some provinces and cities in the country, leaders of 18 provincial and municipal security associations, major business leaders of Gosuncn, Huawei, Hai Kang and Dahua, more than 500 representatives of “China Security Top 100 award-winning companies participated in the conference activities to discuss the development of big data in the security industry.

The true implementation of the exploration and application of big data is a major problem to be solved in the development of big data in the security industry. Gosuncn believes that this problem is mainly reflected in the current lack of data, high data collection and transmission costs, and big data analysis difficulties, etc. The Internet of Things technology is the key to solving big data problems.

Gosuncn has greatly explored the security and protection area, it took the lead in introducing the Internet of Things technology into the security and protection industry and led the development of the industry. Yang Jincai, chairman of the National Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Alliance of Urban Security and Protection Association and president of the Shenzhen Security and Prevention Industry Association, believes that Gosuncn is a company with great development potential. Since set about entering the security field in 2012, it has developed into the most influential security enterprise in South China region in a short period of time, it is the wind vane of China's security development in the future. This time, Gosuncn was invited to participate in the China Security Big Data Development Summit Forum and the security industry awards ceremony, and successfully won the China Security Top 100 Award.

Picture/The Brand Director Li Li of Gosuncn Technology Group was delivering a speech at the meeting

At the meeting, Li Li, the brand director of Gosuncn delivered a speech as an award-winning representative. According to her introduction, after more than 20 years of development, Gosuncn has had leading top-level design, advanced product technology, professional construction maintenance, mature operation model and abundant self-owned fund in the public safety field. It can provide "one package" service solutions that integrate fund collection, construction, operation and maintenance such as public security skynet, Xueliang project, and government smart city.

Gosuncn has been exploring in Guizhou Province for 10 years. The Safe City and Skynet projects that constructed and operates have covered Southeast Guizhou, southwest Guizhou, Anshun and Bijie. Recently, it also won the bid for Nayong County Skynet and intelligent transportation projects. A large amount of data foundation and data operating experience were accumulated.

It is reported that Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government have always attached great importance to the deep integration of big data and real economy. In October 2017, the State Council adopted the “ Promotion of the Transformation and Upgrading of the Traditional Industries Taking the Big Data As Carrier in Guizhou Province” as a typical experience and practice, and reported it to praise. The site selection of the meeting in Guiyang is also a confirmation of the rapid development of Guizhou Big Data.

Li Li said that the IoE's Internet of Things has broadened the road for big data business innovation, and Gosunsn Technology Group has very strong capabilities in all application aspects of the IoT industry chain including modules, terminals, application layers, large platform construction, and subdivision of Internet of Things applications, including the exclusive bidding in 2017 for China Telecom Group's NB-IoT universe first bidding, full participation in the formulation of national standards for automotive electronic identification, 4G car networking OBD terminal global shipments champion in 2017, and first rank in the aspect of communications industry integrated with monitoring market. Relying on a series of construction, operation and maintaining of more than 130 city-level projects such as safe cities, intelligent transportation, and smart cities, the company has also accumulated rich experience in government operations and management needs connections.In 2018, Gosuncn proposed the "One Horizontal and Four Vertical" strategic layout, and horizontally penetrated the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies into the four vertical industry sector businesses of "public security, mass communications, communications, and finance" and devoted to becoming " The world's leading provider of smart city internet of things products and services." Gosuncn is aming at IoT, big data and artificial intelligence applications and it will help promote the development and prosperity of the entire smart city.

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