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In 2017, China's IoT Assembly was honored with the featured IoT Enterprise Award
GoSunCn December 19, 2017

On November 10, the "2017 China Internet of Things Conference with Smart IoT to Create Smart Society" was held in Fuzhou. Top scholars and prominent business leaders in the field of Internet of Things in China will focus on cutting-edge theories and application technologies in the field of Internet of Things. On the Development of China Internet of Things. As China's leading smart city Internet of Things applications and service providers, high-tech group was invited to attend the conference, keynote speech, and won the "2017 China Things Characteristic Enterprise" award.At the meeting, Li Li, director of high-tech brand, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Smart Cities Are Positive in the New World of Internet of Things". She said that high-tech enterprises have accumulated profound achievements in the field of smart cities in recent years. However, there is one biggest pain point in smart city construction: Insufficient data collection, not high intelligence. How to crack the data? High-tech think, things technology is the key. Smart cities are essentially "Internet of Things" transformations of traditional cities. Smart cities are also the most comprehensive application scenarios for the Internet of Things. Internet of Things technology has brought new opportunities for its development. Emerging high-tech industry chain to the Internet of things, the new smart city solutions, smart city cooperation system and other all-round layout to meet the opportunities.  

High-tech emerging since 1997, long-term commitment to research and development based on the IoT-based perception, connectivity, platform-related products and technologies at the core of the Internet of Things technology, focusing on smart city, vertical industry, two major markets around the safe city, car Networking, public security information, railway safety, financial security and other fields plowing. Marketing and service network covering the whole world. IoT products and solutions serve 500+ customers all over the world and provide products and services for public security, traffic police and other departments and railways, banks and operators in various provinces and cities nationwide. Therefore, the China Electronics Society of things recommended by the Internet of Experts Committee, high-tech won the "2017 China Things Characteristic Enterprise" Award.IOT Experts Committee believes that high-tech smart city applications as an opportunity and goal, in the full layout of the Internet of Things industry, the industry value chain, high-end chip business, has been involved in "sensory knowledge" in all aspects, especially in the following areas The results deserved to be confirmed:  

(A) Industrial Internet of Things High and new technology for the China Tower, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other operators unmanned sites to provide remote monitoring and control and operation and maintenance management, operations all over the country. Among them, since 2015, Hi-Tech has ranked No. 1 in the FSU new station market in China and delivered over 300,000 stations, making it the core information provider of tower base station operation and maintenance. China Mobile Group, Central Motion Ring set the first time for the project, the core of the engine room and converging room double tenders bid simultaneously, and the core room market share allocation ranked first.  

(B) wireless communication module High-tech owns two core technologies of IoT core technology and its basic products, of which wireless communication module market (basic products) has shown an accelerated growth trend. The company's wireless communication module products have been used in more than 32 million IoT end products in the world and obtained Including AT & T, Verizon, NTT DoCoMo, SKT, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and other major global operators certification. In terms of CDMA modules, ZTE Corporation, a subsidiary of High-Tech and Emerging, has a 37% market share in the world and a market share of over 80% in China, winning "China Telecom's Best IOT Partner Award 2016" with absolute superiority. This year, ZTE Internet of Things won the exclusive title of "Universe No. 1" of China Telecom's NB-IoT module based on its comprehensive advantages and became a partner for promoting the NB-IoT industry with China Telecom.  

(C) car electronic logo High-emerging ZTE Zhibo has successfully involved in Chongqing, Nanjing, Xiamen, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Shenzhen and other places of automotive electronic identification project construction, the market share of over 85%, ranking first in the country.  

(D) car network High-tech emerging in the car networking market initially formed a complete industrial value chain layout, in the Internet of Things industry to build a "card bit advantage." In the car networking terminal market, aftermarket, front-loading market leader at home and abroad: with the world's largest car network insurance service provider OCTO cooperation; for the United States leading operator T-Mobile to provide automotive uFi + OBD diagnostic terminal products; and China Telecom Cooperation car intelligent rear-view mirror. In 2017, ZTE Corporation, a subsidiary of High-Tech Emergy, started researching and developing R & D cloud networking platforms and initially formed a relatively complete car networking industry value chain.

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