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Mobile Tracking
Tracking your children

M2MNET is a leading M2M solution provider in South Korea, selling its self-researched IOT application products and acting as the agent of ZTE WeLink modules. M2MNET cooperates with SK Telecom on the marketing and sales. M2MNET's various types of products have integrated ZTE WeLink WCDMA module ZM5202, including modem, digital EVR, vehicle-mounted navigator, positioning tracker for specific groups of people, payment terminal, etc.

GPS positioning tracker GT-350 is a positioning tracker targeted at children and senior citizens based on WCDMA/GPS. GT-350 can realize excellent indoor and outdoor positioning performance through an independent GPS, assisted GPS and WiFi AP scanner. M2MNet plans to provide this product to the Ministry of Education (South Korea) for children's positioning and tracking.

Project operation mode: the Ministry of Education organizes the invitation for bids, and the terminal and network service are finally provided by the operator. A three-year service contract is reached. The terminal is freely provided to children and only monthly service fee is charged; while the service fee of poverty-stricken students is undertaken by the Ministry of Education. The background system of tracking is developed by a third party designated by the Ministry of Education.

In 2012, WCDMA module ZM5202 passed SKT certification. Currently, through the cooperation with M2MNET, ZTE WeLink modules have been widely used in several M2M fields in South Korea.

Descriptions of Module Selection

* ZM5202 adopts LGA encapsulation and realizes multiple encapsulation forms through FPC. Low speed, low cost, GPS supportive, suitable for most M2M application scenarios with smaller data amount.


* Low-cost positioning tracker based on WCDMA and GPS;
* Support Wi-Fi and provide better indoor positioning performance;
* Realize access confirmation via NFC;
* Emergency report under kidnapping and other circumstances;
* Conversation and remote call information collecting;
* Phonebook registered via SMS;
* Positioning and emergency call


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