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Bushnell Hunting Camera

As a US company operating for more than 50 years, Bushell is a leading company specialized in high-performance sports optical industry. The company's product guideline is to provide top-quality, most reliable and affordable products in sports optical market.

Bushell takes a lead in the market shares among all sports optics categories. Bushell products have been focusing on the application of outdoor optical products by users, and symbolized with high quality and high reliability. The products have won reputable organization awards from design to performance.

The last generation of Bushell hunting cameras transmit images via Wi-Fi, therefore users can obtain the image information only when they get very close to the hunting camera. However, the new generation of Bushell hunting camera adopts MF206A module, which guarantees long-distance information collecting of the hunting area under the 3G network of AT&T. Thus, it is convenient for hunters to explore the hunting area and arrange the next hunting plan.

Solution requirements:
* 3G communication modules conforms to at&t certification;
* Low power consumption;
* The communication module should have quick GPS precise positioning;
* The product should adapt to large temperature difference to meet the requirements of outdoor environment;
* High stability.

Descriptions of Module Selection

* MF206A adopts LGA encapsulation and passes at&t certification; high performance and high reliability; GPS;
* The module supports operating temperature between -30 and +75℃; High stability; 3.9mA standby power consumption meets the power consumption requirements of the project.


* High Definition;
* Automatic uploading and transmission, and configurable;
* Low power consumption, and can be placed outdoor for long time;
* Suitable for use under wide temperature range.


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